19 November 2009

malaysia torrentflux cheap

 I found This service 2 months ago, and i still using it now bcoz it affordable not too pricey like rapidshare account for $10usd(Rm 34) but this only approx $6(Rm20).

ok no more talk about what is this..

go search about torrentflux bcoz its happening..

okay the price is so cheap $6usd (RM20) per/month... storage 8gb (after u download, you can delete to free up space... no need bigger space) ...UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.. 
no more 5gb/day(rapidshare)

SO who must i want contact to get this crazy Price..

His name is roszizul you can contact him... by email: roszizul@gmail.com            

or straight to his website http://blog.mx510.com/?page_id=263

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