13 January 2011

Kaspersky Activation Error "Activation code is invalid for this region"

i know many have faces this problem and so i, i bought mine on e-store
from malaysia but i try to activate from middle east, so it say
"Activation code is invalid for this region"..
very frustrating man !!! i bought the original key, then end up like this..
So i try google it, try Kaspersky forum but they are not helping too
much i think they are become GREEDY because everyone use their

they tech support said "you must activate your kaspersky product at
country you bought the code".. ooh so i just buy plane ticket to
activate this kaspersky.. briliant and smart enough.
I've found temporary solution that can solved my problem and yours..
follow my trick.
first check where your activation code origin, if you buy from
malaysia you can activate from any country in asia pasific region.
this is list region from kaspersky.com :
* Canada
* United States
* América Latina
* Caribbean
* Caribe
* Brasil
2.Western Europe:
* Österreich
* Danmark
* Deutschland & Schweiz
* España
* France & Suisse
* Italia & Svizzera
* Luxembourg & Belgique
* Nederland
* Norge
* Portugal
* Sverige
* UK & Ireland
3.Eastern Europe:
* Polska
* România
* Russia
* Türkiye
* Middle east
* Afrique du Nord
* Africa
4.Asia & Pacific
* Australia
* India
* New Zealand
* Oceania
* South-East Asia
* Asia Pacific
* China
* Japan
* Korea
Okay after you know your origin key (ask your supplier where he got
it), you can activate your kaspersky use VPN .
example: you live in United state, your key was bought from malaysia,
then you can activate from any country from asia pacific, you can
search for vpn server from hong kong. then connect to vpn (hongkong
server), then activate it.. Voilaa Its work for me.
if your code origin from america try vpn server from us
if your code origin from western europe then search for vpn france server
for eastern europe i dont know if they have free vpn to use - try
russia or turkey
for my case my code from malaysia, then i use hong kong vpn:
EDIT: 11 March 2011
http://www.flyvpn.com/ -free (wepn.info is having overload uses so i changed to this)
--download the software, then login with free trial get on their website
for free vpn check :
check your ip has changed to new country before activation:

Offer !! Cheap Kaspersky Activation code -1 user1 year just $10


aja said...

i have the exact problem.also bought in malaysia n currently in egypt.but i seem to cannot connect to the hongkong vpn.do u know other than hongkong's?

ammar0466 said...

ok i edited my post, please use new vpn www.flyvpn.com
use server from Asia

Have A nice Day

Anonymous said...

thanks, it worked.

Anonymous said...

Do you know any IPs i can use for Saudi Arabia? Coz my kaspersky internet suite 2011 was bought in Saudi Arabia. Here's the story...

My dad bought my laptop in Saudi Arabia, and it had a free 3 month use of Mcafee.. so he also bought another anti-virus, which was the Kaspersky Internet Suite 2011. So recently, the Mcafee expired, so i installed the Kasperksy, here in the Philippines. And that dumb Activation code is invalid region came up...

I hope you could hep me out with this one.. huhuhuhu...

ammar0466 said...

it is hard to find arab saudi vpn, because nobody want it..

maybe you can check my post for cheap activation only 15$ per user. this based malaysia so maybe it will have no problem on philipines also.

Gina said...

I don't understand whats with kaspersky lab. I asked a friend frm India to purchase me KIS 2011. But when I installed it here in the Phils. I got the error code "invalid for this region". Is there a way I can change my ip address to india?

ammar0466 said...

@gina, have you tried use china vpn like i told because usually they all came from china, if it failed and you cant find india vpn you can buy key from asia region like malaysia or china, or just contact me for special price

0RT3G4 said...

Thanks for the post! Very useful! Worked fine for me!

ammar0466 said...

youre welcome

christy said...

hi, i not sure how to do it? do you mind tell me step by step. so sorry for the trouble. i bought mine from US. i'm in malaysia. thanks again for willing to help

ammar0466 said...

1. Install VPN software, google for free vpn like "hotspotshield"
2. Install it, and run it.
3. check your IP address at http://whatismyipaddress.com/
your location will change to USA(if u use usa server.
4. activate your kaspersky product like normal.

christy said...

thanks a lot, will try it and wish me luck. thanks again.

Khalique said...
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Khalique said...

i tried this. i am from uae, and my frnd brght the Licence from india. i tried your steps. even then ip adress has changed but it says the same thing. please help me

ammar0466 said...

sorry i cant find vpn for India, you can find it but maybe it is not free, for quick just buy other key from malaysia seller because they sell cheaper and can activate it through china vpn.

enx said...

how i can know the country of my kaspersky serial ? (the sealer don't know also)

ammar0466 said...

just try it with usa vpn or china vpn? if it still not activated try ask for refund.

good luck

Uttam Dhakal said...

Hey I bought my Kaspersky internet security from Nepal but I want to use it here in Germany, so what do I do?

Thank you for your help

Dinesh said...

Just awesome.. Great work.. Thank you so much for keeping off my headache..

Solomon said...

Hai friend,

I have brough my kaspersky internet security 2012 from Bahrain. And i tried to activate from Bahrain only. But showing Invaild region

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Mine was from the UK and Kaspersky refused to help. Excellent work my friend. Greetings from the US.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion, it worked.

In my case bought a renewal for KAV 2013 US, currently living in Europe and i could not activate, btw you don't need to install anything just make the VPN connection with the provider details,i used justfreevpn.com for a USA VPN, they also have support for Canada and UK. For other countries might be different.

abdul bari said...

hi there

i have brought it from india,,, and trying to install in saudi arabia.
i also have the same regional error

which country's VPN shall i use ur advice

Anonymous said...


The Dude said...

Hey Ammar thanks a lot for your post. Got a license from India, got it activated in Bahrain using Fly VPN.

Amit sharma said...
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John Botha said...
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Zain Malik said...
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Veeru Vimal said...

Hi. i am planning to purchase kaspersky total security 2016 from saudi arabia region. Will it work when i moved to india or other country. Also can you explain what is the difference between middle east edition and global edition? your response is much appreciated..

Ammar 0466 said...

yes it is if you already activated on arab,

but if you bought serial number on arab and want to activate in india you must using either arab or russia or other vpn that have ip from these country(same region)= Just for activate ! after that update use normal internet connection
3.Eastern Europe:
* Polska
* România
* Russia
* Türkiye
* Middle east
* Afrique du Nord
* Africa

No difference .. between international version

but from my own personal experience cheapest price for ENGLISH version is india region key,
I found 18USD for KIS 3 years..

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jerin said...

hai ammar..if i buy from india then can i active from malaysia?because i buy some for my friend to because at india it so cheap..then if once i already active the antivirus at india so it mean i can use it in malaysia with no problem?hope u help me and need ur answer asap
thanz in advance

Albert Smith said...

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Nitesh Gore said...

I HAVE BUY Kaspersky ANITIVIRUS from India but not able to activate in Maldives showing
"Kaspersky Activation Error "Activation code is invalid for this region"",
Kindly Assist here thanking you in advance

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